How to Install a Garbage Disposal Unit in 2018

In this post you’ll find how to Install a Garbage Disposal Unit. There is no need to explain how essential the garbage disposal can be for your home, especially if you want to maintain hygiene and cleanliness in your kitchen. A garbage disposal unit grinds and removes the whole food waste within a few minutes. You don’t need to store the waste food in the garbage can because it can decompose and release bad odor in the kitchen. That will affect the overall atmosphere of your home and that’s why you need a garbage disposal unit in the kitchen. You can check the reviews online to find the best garbage disposal unit in your budget.

How To Install a Garbage Disposal Unit

Installing the garbage disposal unit:

Sometimes some simple tasks also become daunting if you do not have any experience of doing those tasks. Installing the garbage disposal unit is also one of those daunting tasks. You can get all the instructions regarding the installation, but standard suggestions may seem difficult to understand. Therefore, you should continue reading to understand how to install a garbage disposal unit properly.


  • Turn off the circuit breaker and remove existing assembly:

Do you think you can just remove and install the garbage disposal? It is not that easy, especially because the electric power will play a major role. Turn off the circuit breaker to ensure a complete safety. Now place a bucket below the sink assembly before removing the sink pipe and sink strainer. There might be some excess putty that you must remove before installing the garbage disposal.


  • Install the flange:

It would be very simple. Just apply a moderate amount of plumbing putty around the flange, put it into the sinkhole, and then cover the hole with a towel. Now, below the sink, stack the mounting ring, backup flange, and fiber gasket, and then slide it towards the underside of the flange. Now pull the snap ring open to install it. Tighten all the screws so that there will be a strong base for mounting the garbage disposal unit.


  • Connect the dishwasher drain and dovetail the electric connections:

It is important to connect the dishwasher drain because you can transfer the whole waste from the dishwasher into the garbage disposal unit. You will need a hammer to knock out the drain plug and connect the dishwasher drain. To make the necessary electrical connections, you should find the similar colors’ wires and connect them. Once the dishwasher is connected, now is the time to connect the electrical cord. You should again connect the same colors’ wires and then secure them by using a duct tape.


  • Attach the garbage disposal unit:

The gasket will get inserted into the discharge outlet. If it is done, now you should fix the discharge tube into the flange and bolts. Now you are ready to hang the garbage disposal unit. Align the tabs with the mounting ring and attach the disposal unit. Now use a wrench to tighten the tabs and fix the main unit. If the garbage disposal is installed properly, now connect it to the sink drain pipe and dishwasher drain. You should carefully check that there is no leak and remove the excess putty to keep your sink clean and shiny.


Things to notice:

Installing a garbage disposal unit underneath the sink is a simple task for the pros, but not for the newbies. If you have a complete guide, you have understood that how to install, and if still you have some confusions, you should call an expert. You can easily find the professional garbage disposal installer to install this unit. He will hardly take ten or fifteen minutes to install and charge a very cost-effective price for his support.

There should be no leaks after installing the garbage disposal unit. The purpose of installing a garbage disposal will never get fulfilled if the water is leaking from the drain. That’s why we have suggested you to use the plumbing putty. It is a standard guide for the normal models of the garbage disposal units. An advanced model may have different components or a different shape, therefore you should check the given instructions carefully before starting the installation work. Once the garbage disposal is installed perfectly, test it to ensure that it is working properly.

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