How to maintain your kitchen trash can in 2018?

Do you have a trash can in the kitchen and like to find out how to maintain your kitchen trash can in 2018. You care about the hygiene and better health of your family members, if you have a trash can. Renowned brands are producing different types’ trash cans like touch-free trash cans and step-open trash cans to help you in collecting the whole trash of the kitchen. You can buy any kind of trash can and set it in the kitchen. You may soon get the habit of storing a large amount of trash in that can and forget about the trash until the can is completely filled with the garbage.


That’s what many people do and that’s why their trash cans do not last for a long time. Follow a few simple tips on How to maintain your kitchen trash can in the best possible way.

How to maintain your kitchen trash can?

  • Store the recyclable trash in a different can:

You can use the kitchen trash can to store any kind of trash. That’s what most of the people do because of which their trash cans overload pretty quickly. You should use a different trash bin to store the recyclable trash like soda cans, plastic bags, and other metal or plastic trash. Use kitchen trash can only for collecting waste food. Thus, the kitchen trash will not get filled quickly and you can easily remove the trash or dispose it in the garbage disposal.


  • Reduce and prevent food waste:

If you are throwing dry trash in a garbage can, it will remain clean at least for some time. The waste food is really harmful for your garbage can and the hygienic atmosphere of your kitchen. You should try to reduce food waste as much as possible. If you store the food waste in the garbage can for a long time, it will decompose, spill out, and the garbage can will release very bad odor in the kitchen. You should reduce the food waste or try to remove that trash as soon as you can.


  • Never overfill the trash can:

Are you one of those individuals, who do not remove the trash on the trash day? Your kitchen trash can will remain overfilled always, if it is true. Overfilling the kitchen trash can is neither good for seamlessness of the garbage can nor for your kitchen. It would be impossible to close the lid if the trash bin is over filled. In addition, that trash can will constantly release bad odor in the kitchen and that will affect the healthy atmosphere of your kitchen. Therefore, you should never miss an opportunity of removing the trash so that you can keep your kitchen trash bin clean.


  • Do not let the kids and pets roam around the trash can:

Do you have little kids or pets in your home? You will have to ensure that they will never play or roam around the trash can for their own safety. Small kids often try to open the lid of the trash can and peek what is inside there. They often knock down the trash can and scatter the trash in the kitchen while peeking into the garbage can. It can also happen to you and therefore you should take extra care with the kids. The similar things can happen to the pets. The pets like dogs and cats may take a huge interest in your regular trash. Train them to not go around the trash bin. The dogs are cats are intelligent animals and a few days’ training can help you in keeping them away from the trash.


The kitchen trash can stores the food waste and other types of waste products for 2-3 days. The food and other organic waste get decomposed and then spills, sloshes, and messes in the garbage can. Your garbage can will remain stinky and dirty until you do not clean it with cleaning liquid. Use a brush to remove the whole waste and wash the trash can on every trash day.


Your trash can will remain intact, clean, and shiny if you follow all these tips. These are very simple tips and you might be following some of the suggested things. Follow all the suggestions on how to maintain your kitchen trash can which will definitely prolong the lifespan of your trash can.

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