Moen Garbage Disposal Review 2018

Moen style, quality, and dependability are available above and below the sink. Each garbage disposal in Moen’s portfolio is built for powerful performance. The universal express mount means each model fits all Moen garbage disposal units and all existing 3 bolt mounting assemblies. And the cord is pre-installed for quick and easy installation but the components you can’t see is the key to this disposal’s performance.


Did you know that there are no blades inside a garbage disposal? Inside you will find a turntable that spins up to 2700 rpm. The turntable and propellers throw the food waste against the ground ring which grates it into fine particulars. The grinding components are made from galvanized steel which helps to extend the life of the disposal.

moen garbage disposalmoen garbage disposal


Let’s Have a Closer Look at How These Components Works Together for Your Daily Grind

The water must be running before turning on the Moen Garbage Disposal to help push debris into the disposal’s corrosion proof grind chamber and then on to the harming. Cold water is best for grinding food waste it keeps fat solid and helps prevent clogging.


Once powered on Moen’s powerful Vortex permanent magnet motor is engaged. It provides the almost immediate high-speed burst of power, similar to many power tools. Unlike induction motors that start up slowly and speed up gradually. Moen’s Vortex motor is built to tackle tough kitchen scraps and is designed to reduce jamming. The high speed of the turntable grinds the food waste thoroughly so there is no need for multiple grinding stages.


While the Vortex’s motor is a powerful force, Moen’s sound shield insulation is designed to reduce motor and grinding noises while you clean up. And all Moen’s garbage disposal is continuous feed which means the unit continues to grind as long as the power is on.


Water carries the food waste through the disposal to the drain pipes. Since the Vortex motor ensures that the food is ground finely it can move safely and swiftly through the pipes and out of the home. The water and food particulars then travel to a waste and water treatment plant or a properly sized septic tank. Using a Moen garbage disposal not only eliminates food scraps in the kitchen trash it also reduces waste that ends up in landfills.


The Moen garbage disposal is build to fit deep sinks and high quality that you expect from Moen. For performance, you can trust above the sink and below.



• Installed with a ¾ Powerful Vortex Motor
• Runs at 2700 rpm to reduce jamming
• Pre-installed power cord
• Sound shied design
• Universal express mount
• Polished stainless steel stopper
• Removable Splashguard
• 5 Year Limited Warranty



• Not as super quiet as one can aspect
• Food splash out when turned on


moen garbage disposal review



Not only will you get an affordable, high-quality Moen Garbage Disposal that will fit under your deep sink but installation is made easy through the universal express mount. This will give you the opportunity to save on extra expenses by hiring a plumber to do the installation. Your kitchen is the most visited place in the home and most likely to attract the foulest odor, but keeping this disaster from happening these appliances will help you fight the fight against unwanted smells.

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