SimpleHumans Best Semi-Round Plastic Step Trash Can Review 2018

A kitchen can never look organized, clutter-free, and clean if there is no trash can to collect the kitchen garbage but with the Simplehumans Best Semi-Round Plastic Step Trash Can you’ll feel connected to your kitchen. The tradition of keeping a garbage can in the kitchen is too old. People used to put their garbage in normal buckets until they realize that using a durable trash can would be a great idea.


Many famous companies are producing the garbage cans today. Many of them produce plastic-made cans and many others provide stainless-steel made cans. The demands for touch-free cans are also quite high nowadays. Though, the step-open trash cans are still luring a large number of buyers.


SimpleHuman is a renowned trash can manufacturing brand. It produces both touch-free and step-open trash cans. The Semi-Round Step Trash can from this brand is gaining a huge popularity among the buyers nowadays. Let’s check what is so special in this kitchen trash can for which the buyers are taking a huge interest in this trash can.

SimpleHumans Best Semi-Round Plastic Step TrashSimpleHumans Best Semi-Round Plastic Step Trash


Overview of Simplehumans Best Semi-Round Plastic Step Trash Can:

Does not it seem pretty amazing that how a single brand can produce so many innovative solutions for trash collection? SimpleHuman is a brand that always tries to find some innovative ways of reducing the difficulties people face while managing the waste in their kitchens. Its Semi Round Step Trash Can is a perfect example of innovation. It is a plastic made trash can that is durable enough to last for a very long time. It has a unique shape and design that allows the users to set it anywhere in the kitchen and throw the garbage safely without touching the lid.


Unlike touch-free trash cans, this 13gal trash can is equipped with a pedal that you need to push by your foot to open the lid. Once the lid is open, you can throw the garbage and remove your foot to close the lid. It is one of the best for handling the kitchen garbage and collecting it safely without compromising the hygiene.


Noticeable features:

Many things work together to make it a perfect trash can. Those features are explained here:

  • Silent operation:

You might be wondering that what is so special if a trash can will operate silently. Just think that you want to throw some trash during the night time without disturbing your partner. You will have to close the lid by your hands otherwise it will create a loud noise. That is not the case with the SimpleHuman Semi-Round Step Trash Can. It is equipped with SimpleHman’s patented Lid Shox technology. It allows you to close the lid silently and that’s why the lid remains intact for a long time.


  • Slide lock:

It is an important feature that must be in your trash can, especially if you have kids and curious pets at home. The kids or pets often try to open the lid of the trash can and see what is inside it. They often scatter the garbage in the kitchen to soothe their curiosity. You can prevent it if your trash can has the slide lock that keeps the lid closed. The reviewed product comes with such a lid lock and that’s why you should consider it.


  • Perfect shape:

The SimpleHuman Semi-Round Plastic Step Trash Can has a perfect shape that makes it more attractive and useful for the users. Its semi-round shape allows you to place the can anywhere in the kitchen and use it. Unlike round shaped cans, it will remain in its place forever until you reposition it or knock it down.


  • Large capacity:

You will have to pay more if you want a stainless steel made 13-gal trash can with similar features. This plastic-made can will comprise a large amount of garbage. You can rely on it for trash removal, even if your kitchen remains busy whole day.


Major drawbacks:

Though the SimpleHumans Best Semi-Round Plastic Step Trash Can is an ideal solution for trash management in the kitchen, it also has some noticeable drawbacks. Check those drawbacks to decide whether or not you should buy it.

  • It is built from plastic and therefore it is not as durable as SimpleHuman’s stainless steel made trash cans.
  • It is not a touch-free trash can and you have to push the pedal every time you want to collect the trash in this can.



It is a lightweight trash can that every homeowner needs to store kitchen trash before disposing it. Its stainless steel made pedal will remain intact for a very long time and operate smoothly. There will be no noise while you will close the lid. Its price is quite affordable, but it can store up to 13-gal of kitchen waste. So, can buy Simplehumans Best Semi-Round Plastic Step Trash Can if you have a busy kitchen and if you do not want to spend a large amount on a one of these 2 Compartment Trash Cans.


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