Top 10: Best Kitchen Trash Cans Review in 2018

If you are reading this review of the Top 10: Best Kitchen Trash Cans in 2018 than you must be on the hunt for the best of the best trash cans for your kitchen. Just like many other people you might also have made a mistake that the type of kitchen trash can does not matter. You might believe that any kind of trash can or an old waste can would be effective for waste disposal, but that is not true. The type and quality of the trash can matters when you want to keep your kitchen clean. It is not simple to make a choice between many available types of kitchen trash cans.


You will have to consider so many different things and that will take a lot of time. To save your time and to help you in finding the best available options we are offering a comprehensive guide and a complete list of the top rated garbage cans. So, continue reading and you will get the best solutions for buying the best kitchen trash can 2018.


Best kitchen trash can buying guide:

When it comes to buying the best kitchen trash can, many people think that any waste disposal container will offer a long lasting service. A kitchen trash can is built especially to contain and dispose dry and damp waste that is produced daily in the kitchen. It is basically a container, which is designed especially to handle the kitchen waste. The ordinary trash containers are built to contain dry waste like papers and plastic materials.


The kitchen trash bins are capable of handling any kind of waste. You can throw semi-liquid and liquid form waste that is commonly produced in the kitchen. Many brands produce and sell the kitchen trash cans. All of those cans are not the best for your kitchen. Therefore, you should consider a few important things while searching the best kitchen trash cans. Those things are explained here.


Build quality and material:

You would not like to buy the trash container for your kitchen time and again. Therefore, you should ensure that you are investing your bucks in a durable product. It is possible that the toddlers or your pets may knock down the can time and again. It should not damage and leak due to such knocks. It should remain sturdy for a long time. There must be some protective features in the trash can to keep it intact. The plastic cans are not built to last for a long time. Only the stainless steel made kitchen garbage cans can provide a long lasting service.


The stainless steel made cans are built to withstand a lot of shocks and accidental or intentional knocks. It will remain intact for many years and therefore you should invest your money in a stainless steel made kitchen trash container.


With pedal or without pedal:

The latest innovations are making things better and easier to use. The modern trash cans are also equipped with the latest technology that allows them to remove the odor of the waste you throw in the can. Of course, all the trash cans do not prevent the odor, but some do. You can check this feature while buying a new can online. In addition, the modern kitchen garbage cans are also equipped with an impressive feature that is automatic operation. The lid of the trash can open automatically, whenever you will wave your hand above it.  Thus, your hands will never get dirty and you will easily throw the waste collected in the kitchen.


Though the touch-free trash cans are quite popular nowadays, some users have reported about poor functionality of the touch-free mechanism. You should carefully check that how effectively a touch-free trash can operates. If there are reports of malfunction, then you should look for the step-to-open trash cans. You can also consider lift top and swing top trash cans, which are traditional type of trash cans and still very effective.


The size:

When searching for a kitchen trash can, do not forget to check the size of the can. You might have some idea about the amount of trash is produced daily in your kitchen. Can the shortlisted garbage can handle that much amount of the rubbish or you will need a larger can to comprise all the garbage produced in your kitchen every day. It is possible that you may not throw the garbage every day and in such conditions you may need a medium or large size trash can. So, carefully check the dimensions and rubbish handling capacity of the trash can before placing the order. If you buy a large size can, it will take some time to get full and therefore you will not worry about disposing the kitchen garbage every day.


The warranty:

Are you really investing your money in a high-quality product or a normal product? The simplest way of knowing it is checking the warranty offered by the manufacturer. You would like to make investment in a product that will provide a long-lasting service. The manufacturers offer a long-term warranty on their products. You can contact the manufacturer to repair or replace the trash can if it gets damaged or malfunctions due to technical or mechanical issues. There will be no frustration while the product will not provide as effective service as the manufacturer claims. You can return it or replace it, if the product is in under the warranty period.


Best Kitchen Trash Can 2018 Reviews:

  1. Simplehuman Rectangular Step Trash Can:

The expensive price of a product never defines its quality. If you think that the Simplehuman Rectangular Step Trash Can is affordable and therefore it will not meet your demands, check the buyers’ reviews now. Numerous users have reported that it is the best trash can they have bought till the date. It is an easy to clean and durable product. You will buy it now and use it for many years and that’s why it is our top pick. Just like other top-rated cans, it is also built from stainless steel. The plastic pedal may easily break down due to continuous operation, but that’s not the case with this trash can. The steel pedal makes opening and closing the lid quite simple.


The stainless steel pedal is attached to an internal hinge that opens the lid exactly at the 90° angle. The lid is dent proof and it will close completely, whether you close it simply or by applying additional power. Simplehuman has equipped the lid with Lid Shox technology due to which the lid becomes dent-proof and more durable. This trash bin will remain in its original shape for a long time. In case, it does not offer the service according to the mentioned measures, you get a 5-year warranty to replace it. Therefore, you will never face a loss by investing your money in this kitchen trash can.

Best Kitchen Trash Cans REVIEW 2018


  • Strong steel pedal
  • Dent proof plastic lid
  • Silent close operation
  • 5-Year warranty



  • Lid is slightly off center (but this is a no-brainer)


  1. SimpleHuman 50 L / 13 Gal Semi-Round Step Trash Can:

There is no need to say that SimpleHuman is the market leader, when it comes to producing the best quality kitchen trash cans. Look no further if you are looking for a heavy trash can. The SimpleHuman 50 L Semi-Round Step Trash Can is the best because its 50 liters / 13 gallons capacity allows you to collect a large amount of waste at a time. It is a good choice for busy kitchens because you won’t need to remove the trash time and again. SimpleHuman is ensuring the users that this trash bin will serve at-least ten years without causing any kind of trouble. It is built from a solid material and therefore it can serve more than eight years for sure.


This trash can is built from high-quality plastic. No, it is not a stainless steel made trash bin. Do not worry about its durability because the plastic used to produce this trash can, shows impressive shock absorption properties. It will remain intact, even if you knock the can with full power to crack it. This can will never crack and never leak and therefore it is a great choice for household kitchens.

Best Kitchen Trash Cans 2018 REVIEW


  • Secure lock
  • Strong steel pedal
  • Lid Shox technology
  • 5-Year warranty



  • Won’t last as long as stainless steel trash cans


  1. Nine Stars DZT-50-9 Infrared Touchless Trash Can:

If you own a modern style home that is equipped with a modular kitchen, you should buy the Nine Stars DZT-50-9 Infrared Touchless Trash Can.  The touch-free operation and sleek design of this trash can makes it an ideal choice for you, if you don’t like to touch the trash and then wash your hands. The foul odors of kitchen waste often become a reason of shame for the homeowners. The Nine Stars trash can prevent you from this issue and provide a great solution to the odor problem. You can easily change the trash bags without getting your hands dirty. This trash can will contain foul odor within it for a long time and therefore your kitchen will smell fresh every time you enter in it.


Nine Stars is a brand that ensures its products will look impressive and beautiful at all times. It has used the commercial-grade stainless steel to produce the DZT-50-9 infrared touchless trash can. The trash can will never look dirty from outside and it will event not gain your fingerprints. Thus, it becomes a great choice for the modern kitchens.

Best Kitchen Trash Cans


  • Stainless steel housing
  • Touch-free operation
  • Seals odor in
  • Energy saving technology



  • Batteries purchase separately
  • Hinges can wear off real quickly


  1. Levpet 13-Gallon Touch-Free Trash Can:

The Levpet 13-Gallon touch free trash can is another great variant in the modern touch-free kitchen trash cans. It is an innovative product that helps you in keeping your hands clean. You can open the lid just by waving your hand over the can and it will open. The auto-open mechanism of this trash can is considered the best in all the modern kitchen trash cans. You can place it in your kitchen and throw all the garbage in the can without putting your foot over the pedal. The lid opens pretty fast and that’s why you don’t wait too long. You can keep the lid open for a long time. Once the job is done, you can put your hand above the lid and it will close.


No garbage will spill out because of its savvy feature. This trash can has another impressive feature that it kills the foul odor and germs produced by the kitchen trash. The air in your kitchen will always remain fresh and you won’t need to throw the trash time and again, if a small amount of trash is produced in your kitchen every day. Its 4 D-size batteries are used to supply the power in this trash can. Those batteries will supply a constant power for a long time because it is a power-efficient touch-free trash can. So, you can consider it if you are planning to buy a durable and effective touch-free kitchen trash can.

Best Kitchen Trash Cans


  • Hands-free Operation
  • Anti-fingerprint stainless steel housing
  • Equipped with infrared technology
  • Sophisticated design



  • Needs 4 size D batteries
  • Sensor is not so dependable


  1. iTouchless Deodorizer Touch-Free Sensor Trash Can:

If you do not want to spend a large amount and still want a good quality trash can for your kitchen, the iTouchless Deodorizer Touch-Free Sensor Trash Can is an ideal option. It is our top pick in the mid-range models of the trash cans. Just like the previous trash bin, it is also powered by the D-batteries. All of its functions will work great, if you are using fully charged batteries. It is a touch-free trash can and therefore putting the trash in the trash bag and removing the trash bag would be pretty simple. It can comprise a large amount of trash that will never spill out because of the trash bag rings.


Many buyers have praised this trash can because of its air escape holes. Installing and removing the trash bags is pretty simple task. There will be no foul odor, even if the kitchen trash is stored for a long time. Its carbon deodorizer kills foul smell of the garbage and thus your kitchen remains fresh and odor-free. You will have to replace the deodorizer after a while, if you want to prevent the foul smell for a long time.

Best Kitchen Trash Cans


  • 2 Power options
  • Large capacity
  • Germ and finger-proof resistant housing
  • Included is a activated carbon filter
  • Extra wide 12’ opening lid



  • 4 D size batteries not included


  1. Nine Stars DZT-50-13 Infrared Touchless 13.2-Gallon Stainless Steel Trash Can:

Just like SimpleHumans, Nine Stars is also a famous kitchen trash can producing brand. The buyers and technical experts praise this brand for offering products with the advanced features and functions. This trash can is a perfect choice, if you are going to place it right against the wall. It is a rectangular trash can and therefore it will not cover a large space in your kitchen. You can place it in a corner and then use it. Its touch-free sensors work pretty efficiently. The lid will not close until you wave your hand against the sensor.


Many trash cans look impressive and offer touch-free operation, but fail to seal the contaminants. The DZT-50-13 can comprise 13.2 gallons of waste at a time. It means, this trash can has enough space to prevent garbage spills. Its stainless steel construction turns it into a durable and impressive garbage can that you would love to keep in your kitchen.

Best Kitchen Trash Cans


  • Non skid base
  • Water resistant infrared motion sensor
  • Fingerprint resistant
  • Seals odor in
  • Use standard fitted trash bags



  • Motion sensor can act up
  • Needs 3 size C batteries to operate

  1. SimpleHuman Slim Plastic Step Trash Can:

Though this trash can is built from plastic, do not underestimate its endurance levels and quality. It is our top pick in the plastic trash cans. It is affordable, durable, and its slim design makes it an appealing choice for the modern kitchens. If there is not a large space for placing the trash bin in your kitchen, choose the SimpleHuman Slim Step Trash Can. It is not equipped with the touch-free lid opening technique. It offers a pedal that you can push to open the lid and collect the waste.


The Lid Shox technology makes the pedal more durable. Therefore, if you have kids or elderly people in your family, you use this trash can at your home. The lid will never create any weird sound whenever you will open or close it.  Some people may say it is a small size garbage can, but it can comprise up to 10 gallons of kitchen waste at a time and that’s why it is also a large size trash can.

Best Kitchen Trash Cans


  • Secure slide lock
  • Strong steel foot pedal
  • Built in wheels
  • Equipped with shox technology



  • Will fill up quickly
  • Not as durable as a stainless steel trash can


  1. Rubbermaid 1843029 Step-On Wastebasket:

People nowadays follow a wrong way to find the best quality product. They first check the price and then check the quality of the product. It is possible that you may not like to spend an expensive amount for buying the trash can, but you can certainly get a high-quality plastic-made trash can by paying an affordable amount. The Rubbermaid 1843029 is an affordable, durable, and reliable plastic garbage can that you can easily buy online. It is equipped with a robust pedal that you need to push every time you want to throw the trash.


It is not a low-end model of the pedal-equipped kitchen trash cans, especially because it is leak-proof and prevents unappealing odor. The innovative design and slim shape of this trash can makes it an impressive choice for the modern kitchens. You don’t need to keep your feet on the pedal, if you want to keep it open for a long time. Just push the pedal and it will remain open until you want. You should buy it because it is a lightweight, affordable, and durable trash can.

Best Kitchen Trash Cans


  • Easy to clean
  • Contemporary design
  • Fits narrow spaces



  • Made from plastic
  • Needs to be regularly cleaned


  1. Tramontina Step on Waste Can – 13 Gallon:

Not all the affordable trash cans look attractive, but the Tramontina Step on Waste Can is a pretty stylish trash can. Consider it if you are looking for a budget-friendly model of the trash can. The 13-gallon capacity of this can will help you in collecting and removing a large amount of the kitchen waste at a time. You will not need so many trash bags to collect the waste, especially when you do not have a lot of free time to perform the cleaning job.


It is a step-on trash can, but it is not built from plastic. This trash can is durable because it is built from robust stainless steel. In addition, the stainless steel made pedal shows impressive shock absorption capacity. This trash can will not collapse if your kids and pet knock it down or push the pedal time and again. You should certainly check its features in detail, if you want to save some money while buying a good quality kitchen trash can.

Best Kitchen Trash Cans


  • Stainless steel housing
  • Soft close lid operation
  • Heavy duty hinge construction
  • Vented base
  • Equipped with freshener system



  • A bit expensive


  1. SimpleHuman Round Step Trash Can:

It is the final best product from SimpleHuman in 2018 and also our last pick in this list. The Round Step Trash Can from SimpleHuman is an affordable variant of high-quality kitchen trash cans. Its aesthetics and dimensions have lured so many buyers and that’s why it is also one of the best selling kitchen trash cans online.


Though it functions in the traditional way, its modern looks make it a stylish choice for the modular kitchens of this age. The manufacturer claims that you can step the pedal of this trash can up to 150,000 times before it breaks down. This claim turns into a warranty and that’s what lures people. You will not spend an expensive amount and still get a highly impressive trash can.

Best Kitchen Trash Cans


  • Strong steel pedal
  • Slow silent lid close operation
  • Elegant design
  • Fingerprint proof



  • Difficult to lift full waste bags from the bin
  • Don’t hold a good amount of waste



It is sure that SimpleHuman will rule the market during 2018 until other brands produce a more feature-rich kitchen trash can. The price, size, durability, and looks, all of these things matter when you are looking for the best trash can for your modern kitchen. People often spend a lot of money to improve the interior of their home. They often forget to change small things like the kitchen trash bin. Try to avoid that mistake, especially if you are making everything perfect. An old box or an ordinary plastic trash bin would never be the best choice for kitchen waste.


Brands like Nine Stars and SimpleHuman spend a lot of time to find the ways of making trash bins more durable and feature-rich. These brands provide high-quality products, but all of their products are not expensive. As you can check in the above list of the Top 10: Best Kitchen Trash Cans in 2018, there are several affordable, but durable kitchen trash cans. So, check the reviews carefully, consider all the features according to the buying guide, and then choose a perfect garbage can for your kitchen.

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