Top 5: Best Garbage Disposal for Septic System Review 2018

A Garbage Disposal for Septic System is a unit that is manufactured to accommodate your home septic system where the food debris is flushed down the sewerage pipes and land in the septic tank. Over time this food waste gets broken down by the bacteria in the septic tank, but both broken and un-broken materials accumulate over long periods of time. A septic system works like a waste storage bucket and like any other power tools or trash cans this system also need regular cleaning to avoid bacteria and any other harmful waste from built-up.


Even though it works like a trash can, it’s not:
Are you using your garbage disposal like a trash can; stuffing veggie peelings and grease down you’re your disposal? Some people might think it’s a good idea while others take precautions ensuring the disposal last longer and avoiding unnecessary blockage in the sewerage pipe system.


So even though getting a garbage disposal for septic system seems like a great idea and believe me, it is but doesn’t underestimate the impact certain waste food can have on the drain pipes and even your septic tank.


When the time arrives for the septic tank to be pumped clean it’s often very obvious when a garbage disposal has been overused. This can be seen by the amount of food waste under the inlet pipe of the tank. Some extra and unnecessary maintenance like extra pumping needs to be considered for thoroughly cleaning out the tank. This can also cause an imbalance of bacterial waste making it less efficient in treating wastewater.


Never overuse your garbage disposal even if it’s brand new.

If you currently own a garbage disposal or are in the market for one the best practice would be to not use it as frequently as like a trash can. Daily use of your garbage disposal could have an adverse effect on your septic system. Small pieces of leftover food are perfectly safe to go down the drain while larger pieces should go into the trash.


Do’s and don’ts for garbage disposal for septic system

• Never use it like a trash can.
• If the garbage disposal gets overused frequent pumping of the tank is necessary.
• Grease, egg shells and veggie peels is a big no for tossing down the disposal.
• Consider getting a compost roller to make compost from leftover food waste.


How often should I pump out my septic tank?

The question normally goes hand in hand with a few factors:

• Size and capacity of the septic tank
• The average daily wastewater that’s been added to the tank
• The amount of solid waste that’s been accumulated on a daily basis entering the wastewater stream and into the tank. The more solid waste that’s been entering the tank means the more frequent the tank needs to be pumped.



Homes with oversize families especially where there are more children involve usually use more water and solid waste which goes directly into the tank. On the flip side where smaller families and elderly persons stay will use less water and solid waste, which in return require less frequent pumping of the septic tank.


In conclusion, a septic tank is only one part of the equation. It is designed to remove solid waste before proceeding to soil absorption area. Additional chemical additives are thus not needed to accelerate decomposing of materials.


Depending on circumstances mentioned above it is recommended to pump and inspect your septic tank every two to three years. Now let’s have a look at the best garbage disposals for septic system.


1. Waste King Legend Series 1/2 HP Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal with Power Cord – (L-2600)

best Garbage Disposal for Septic System Garbage Disposal for Septic System

Waste King Legend is one of the most successful and most respected manufacturers of products above and under the sink. And one of those products is the Waste King Legend ½ HP Continuous Garbage Disposal. Not only is this one of the most sold garbage disposal but it’s also one of the cheapest garbage disposals. Here’s what I’ve found and what you should know about this garbage disposal for the septic system.


The Waste King ½ HP Garbage Disposal is a powerful, capacity and reliable disposal in its respective price range. Many buyers expressed their satisfaction about the easy installation process and even though they are not professional plumbers they could easily manage the installation process making them looking like pros.


Under the hood, you will find a powerful ½ HP magnet motor that drives galvanized blades up to 2600 rpm. Thus there is no need for multiple grinding stages to pulverize waste food.


The L2600 comes with a secure splash guard that prevents the food from escaping through the top drain hole when the unit is in operation. The disposal also features a manual reset button in case jamming or electrical shortcut. This disposal is perfectly safe for your home septic tank that is properly sized.



• Powerful ½ HP Magnet motor
• Impellers spin up to 2600 rpm to pulverize waste food
• Big enough corrosion proof polymer grind chamber to hold carry waste food and water through the waste pipes
• Galvanized stainless steel parts to extend longevity
• Removable, replaceable splash guard makes it easy to clean
• Safe to use with properly size septic tanks
• Affordable and comes with a 5-year warranty



• Slight grinding noise when turned on but that shouldn’t be a deal breaker


2. InSinkErator Evolution Septic Assist Garbage Disposal, 3/4 HP Septic Disposal

Garbage Disposal for Septic System Garbage Disposal for Septic System


Another industry leader in kitchen disposal units is InSinkErator. The release of InSinkErator Evolution Septic Assistant has been created to work effectively with your septic tank. This disposal might be a high priced item but it guarantees an effective flow of food waste through the disposal to the septic system.


The Septic Assistant comes with all the benefits one could aspect from InSinkErator. This unit is loaded with a powerful ¾ HP Dura-Drive Induction Motor designed for oversized households that need to dispose of food waste fast and quietly.


This improved version has the latest Sound Seal Technology which delivers a quiet performance in respect of the standard garbage disposal units. And with the two-stage grinding process jamming is cut to almost none. The disposal includes a massive 40 ounce of chamber real estate which is manufactured from pure stainless steel component for longevity. Included in the purchase is a Bio-Charge cartridge to excel the disposing process of materials dumped into the tank.



• ¾ HP Dura-Drive Induction Motor designed for larger households
• Two-stage multi-grind technology
• Bio-Charge cartridge is included to excel the disposing process and help to control odors
• Sound Seal Technology for a quieter performance
• Designed specifically for septic tanks



• No power cord is included
• Not a cheap disposal


3. Waste King 1.0 Horsepower Garbage Disposal with Exclusive Silencer Technology, A1SPC Knight

Garbage Disposal for Septic System Garbage Disposal for Septic System

The Waste King Knight is an averagely priced garbage disposal that will earn its place in your kitchen. With the 1.0 Horsepower, the motor that turns the blades at a maximum speed of 2700 RPM lets this unit cuts through the toughest food waste with ease.


Like most Waste King Disposals the Knight can easily be replaced by the innovative and new snap and lock mount unit. One of the most outstanding features of the Waste King Knight is the exclusive silencer technology that’s been used in music studios to prevent sound from entering the room.


And like most modern-day garbage disposals the knight has been put through the toughest grinding tests to ensure food waste is grind to its finest particulars. And because the grinding chamber is made from glass-filled nylon you should never have to worry about corrosion. This unit is continuous feed so you will be able to fill the unit while in operation.



• The most powerful 1.0 HP motor
• Silencer technology that’s been used in music studios
• Integrated with one-pass technology. So there is no need for multi-stage grind
• Corrosion proof glass-filled nylon chamber
• Stainless steel impellers turn at 2700 RPM
• Safe for properly sized septic tanks



• Bigger than the average size disposal
• No power cord is included


4. Waste King Legend Series 3/4 HP Compact Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal with Power Cord – (L-3200)

Garbage Disposal for Septic System

Garbage Disposal for Septic System

Are you in the market for a garbage disposal for your septic system with a little more power than the Waste King Series ½ HP then you would definitely fall in love with the Waste King Legend ¾ HP Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal. This specific model has all the features like it’s processor but comes with a more powerful motor to slice through food waste.


The L-3200 activates through a sink mounted air switch or wall mounted switch that can easily reach under the sink.


Other benefits that make the Waste King Legend share with its predecessors is the high strength polymer corrosion proof chamber with stainless steel grinding components, removable splash guard to make retrieving of dropped items easier and makes it easier to clean, the reset button makes it easy to revert the disposal to normal operation in case of those unforeseen jams.



• High strength polymer corrosion proof grinding chamber
• Powerful ¾ HP motor
• Torque-speed of 2700 RPM
• Manual reset button
• Safe for properly sized septic tanks
• Continuous feed operation
• 8-Year limited warranty



• Not as quiet as one would like it to be


5. Yescom 1 HP 2600 RPM Continuous Feed Household Plug-In Garbage Disposer for Kitchen Waste Disposal Operation Black

Garbage Disposal for Septic System Garbage Disposal for Septic System

Last on our list of the Best Garbage Disposal for Septic System is the Yescom 1 HP Kitchen Waste Disposal Unit. The unit is one of the cheapest disposals on the market with an incredible 1 HP that will pulverize your family’s food waste in minutes. The Yescom has a life cycle of about 10 years if properly managed.


Installation is made easy through the fast and easy mount system so there is no need to hire a professional plumber. Saving you extra time and money for something else. The motor runs at a force of 2600 RPM but requires a power voltage of 110V. The Yescom is an affordable low budget garbage disposal that is compatible with most standard size septic tanks.



• Impressive 1 HP permanent magnet motor
• Inexpensive garbage disposal
• Motor turn at 2600 RPM
• Removable splash guard for easy cleaning
• Fast and easy mount system
• Permanently lubricated, sleeve- type bearings



• There is no indication of any type of sound seal technology
• The air switch is required


Final Thoughts

With hundreds of garbage disposal units, we’ve decided on the 5 above-mentioned units according to price, availability, features, performance and brand recognition. The top performer out of these disposal units goes to InSinkErator Evolution Septic Assistant. It may be one of the most expensive units but has all the magnificent benefits like Sound Seal Technology, powerful motor, multi grind stage and comes with an additional bio-charge cartridge to help speed up the decomposing of food waste.

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