Top 5: Low Profile Garbage Disposal Units Review 2018

A Low Profile Garbage Disposal can be described as an undermount kitchen waste disposal unit that doesn’t need huge spaces allocated for the installation of the disposal unit. And even though the disposer might be smaller in dimension it doesn’t necessarily mean that the garbage disposal will underperform.

Some top brand names like InSinkErator, Waste King Legend, and Moen has developed some of the best low profile garbage disposal units which perform just as great in grinding up the toughest food waste which you can expect in from a higher priced garbage disposal.

So if you love cooking but hate cleaning leftover food waste that’s been dumped in the kitchen trash can then you definitely need a garbage disposal that is small enough to fit under the kitchen sink and powerful enough to go the extra mile. This is where these Top 5 Best Low Profile Garbage Disposal Units come in which we’ve reviewed to make the best out of your cooking endeavors.


Best Low Profile Garbage Disposal Units Compared

1.Waste King L-2600

Top 5: Low Profile Garbage Disposal Units Review 2018
Low Profile Garbage Disposal Units


The Waste King L-2600 Continuous Garbage Disposal is one of the most trusted units in the production line of the famous brand Waste King Legend. This is a solid low profile garbage disposal that is affordable, powerful and easy to install.

The Waste King L-2600 comes with a ½ horsepower and runs at 2700 rpm per minute. And with its insulated, stainless steel grinding components this is super quiet and almost unnoticeable when grinding waste food to its finest form. All its components are made of corrosion-proof stainless steel and rust free grinding parts, so it is built to last.


• Insulated technology that makes this disposal super quiet when in working mode
• Continuous disposal unit
• Durable compact design
• Stainless steel components
• Comes with a 36-inch power cord
• EZ mount for easy installation
• Comes with a 5-year in-home service warranty.


• You may want to check from time to time that all connections are in place because vibrations can cause connections to loosen and may cause leakage.


2. InSinkErator Badger 5

Low Profile Garbage Disposal
Low Profile Garbage Disposal


The InSinkErator Badger 5 has what it takes to make it on the list of low profile garbage disposal units. This disposal represents InSinkErator’s most famous brand with more than 4500 reviews and counting. This model is perfect for deep sinks and is manufactured with a dimension of 7 x 7 x 13 inches.

The large 26-ounce grinding chamber includes galvanized stainless steel components and a powerful ½ HP induction motor. You won’t even find a wearable part in this machine which makes the Badger 5 deliver consistent, maintenance-free performance for years to come.

Apart from the performance aspect which represents quality craftsmanship, you can expect some accessories accompanying the Badger 5 which include the following:

1. InSinkErator Badger 5 garbage disposal.
2. Installation instructions.
3. Stopper.
4. Discharge tube.
5. Flange.
6. Gasket.
7. Hardware.
8. Jam-Buster wrench.


• Affordable and comes with accessories
• Big enough grinding chamber
• Durable stainless steel construction
• Continuous feed operation
• Quick lock sink mount
• Manufactured in the US
• 2-year warranty included


• No dampening sound technology
• The power cord is not included


3. Moen GXS75C GX Series Garbage Disposal

Low Profile Garbage Disposal Units Review
Low Profile Garbage Disposal Units


Moen is a world-renowned company that specializes in plumbing supplies, showerheads, faucets and more. With the Moen GXS75C, the company sets a new standard in under mount garbage disposal units. The GXS75C is a reliable low profile garbage disposal that you can trust.

Furthermore, it is easy to install and comes with a ¾ HP Vortex motor which runs at 2700 rotations per minute immediately after switching the unit on. It’s also trademarked with sound seal technology to help deaden sound when in operation. This unit is more expensive than the units reviewed above but should be well worth the money.


• Pre-installed power cord
• Uses sound shield technology to greatly dampen the loud sound of the motor
• Uses a ¾ HP Permanent magnet motor
• The Motor rotates at 2700 RPM to reduce jamming
• Compatible with most 3 bolt mounting systems
• 5-Year limited warranty


• Pricier than other disposals with the same performance


4. InSinkErator Evolution Excel

Low Profile Garbage Disposal
Low Profile Garbage Disposal


The Insinkerator Evolution Excel is a top-tier garbage disposal that seems to be able to take on just about anything. This revolutionized garbage disposal it is equipped with the latest soundseal technology including advanced-level insulation and a special quiet collar that blocks noise coming through the sink.

The multi grind technology uses a 3 stage grinding process to grind tough food waste to its finest particular, allowing the unit for a jam-free operation. Furthermore, the unit comes with a massive 40 ounce, stainless steel grind chamber with all stainless steel components so that this disposal can last the test of time. The InSinkErator Evolution Excel also comes with a hefty price tag but with 1 HorsePower and a 7-year warranty, this is an absolute no-brainer.

You will also receive the following items with the purchase of the InSinkErator Evolution Excel.

1. InSinkErator Evolution Excel garbage disposal.
2. Installation instructions.
3. Quick Lock sink mount.
4. Stainless steel stopper.
5. Discharge tubes.
6. Sink baffle.
7. Clamp, hardware, Jam-Buster wrench.


• Super powerful 1HP that runs at 1725 RPM
• Massive 40-ounce grind chamber
• All stainless steel components
• 3 Stage grind technology
• Ultra-quiet soundseal technology
• Auto reverse with jam sensor circuit
• Safe for properly sized septic tanks
• 7-year warranty


• One of the most expensive garbage disposal unit on the
• Slower draining function due to the size of the chamber

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5. Waste King L-3200

Low Profile Garbage Disposal Units
Low Profile Garbage Disposal


The Waste King L-3200 is another powerful low profile garbage disposal with ¾ horsepower motor that delivers 2700 rpms. The insulated stainless steel grinding components dramatically reduce noise generated by the disposal. This model is made from rust-free corrosion-proof stainless steel components that won’t rust after years of use. You don’t have to worry about this model wearing out quickly. This model includes a 36-inch power cord along with a removable splash guard that makes it easy to clean.



• Removable splash guard for easy cleaning
• Power cord included which saves you extra money
• Powerful ¾ hp motor with rust free grinding components
• Sound dampening technology so you can have a normal conversation in the kitchen


• The opening to the drain is pretty small, which doesn’t make this disposal as easy to use


Final Verdict

In the end, there was one particular low profile garbage disposal that stood out to us. That unit made it to the top of the list, The Waste King L-2600. It is virtually everything that you need in a Waste Disposal Unit for Deep Sinks, at a cost-effective price. Let’s look at those features again:

• It operates silently
• Strong enough motor to do the job
• Comes with a 5 year in home warranty
• It’s easy to clean and to install
• Comes with a power cord
• Is composed of super powerful and durable stainless steel components.

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