Best Outdoor Wicker Garbage Cans 2018 Review for Indoor / Outdoor Use

Why are thousands of people buying the Best Outdoor Wicker Garbage Cans for their backyards or patios? Well according to recent reviews most of them had the same common interest at heart. These outdoor wicker garbage cans make your patio look beautiful and hiding the trash is easier than before. A wicker trash can is the ultimate outdoor patio garbage can to showcase your personality and style to invited guests.

Is a Resin Wicker Durable?

People always confuse resin wicker with rattan. Resin wicker is easy to clean, lightweight, have low maintenance, highly durable and beautiful. Always remember that synthetic resin is one of the best materials for outdoor use. For some reason you discover your resin wicker crack or has become brittle, then you’ve probably bought furniture that’s made from low quality PVC. In addition, most resin wicker furniture is constructed on an aluminum frame to give extra strength to the furniture.

Can I Paint My Resin Wicker?

Even though resin wickers are designed for outdoor use, the reality is resin wickers can fade in color over time, if left for long periods outside. You can easily make your outdoor wicker garbage can look as good as new with a specially designed spray for plastics and resin wickers. The has a post that you might like on how to Paint Your Resin Wicker.

Materials to Avoid for Outdoor Use

Plastic resin: These materials are clumsy, cheap and don’t last long
PVC Wicker: Its looks like HDPE wicker and is obviously not the best material for outside use.
Bare Metals: This material will rust over time when exposed to moisture and rain. Make sure to purchase furniture that is coated with a rust proofing material.

Choosing the Best Outside Wicker Garbage Cans for Your Patio

We’ve researched some of the Best Trash Hideaways that will fit your style and trash conditions perfectly. These bins work great especially when you have guest overs and don’t want to continuously pick up trash every few minutes. Not only will it function as a beautiful trash can but it can be used as a storage bin for home products. Down below you will find the Best Outside Wicker Garbage Cans for your patio.

1. Suncast Outdoor Trash Hideaway

The Suncast Hideaway has a beautiful design that will look great on your patio or deck. In addition, the bin will completely complement your existing patio furniture. This unit includes a latching lid and solid bottom panel for easy removal of trash.

The attached lid will keep pets out and trash in. The long-lasting resin construction has a stay dry design, so using it outside during raining weather won’t be much of a problem. The Suncast Trash Hideaway uses 30 – 33-gallon size trash bags and it’s the perfect size for places where trash accumulate quickly.

Best Outdoor Wicker Garbage Cans Review 2018

Outdoor Wicker Garbage Cans

Main Features:

• Easy tool-free assembly
• Comes with latching lid and solid bottom
• Stay dry design
• Uses 30 – 33-gallon size trash bags
• Stylish design


2. Keter Pacific 30 Gal. Outdoor Resin Wicker Waste Basket Trash Can with Liner

The Keter Pacific 30 Gallon is Amazon’s choice for Best Outdoor Resin Waste Baskets. This super strong Resin Wicker is easy to clean and comes with a removable rim that keeps your garbage bags secure. The rattan wave design looks attractive while the sleek espresso finish gives the product a professional appearance.

The Keter Pacific comes with attractive metal hinges and handles to give it a stylish look. This all-weather resistant bin makes is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. This bin has an Exterior Dimension of 15W x 15D x 33.3H feet making it strong and keeping it standing all year round. The Keter is made from a polypropylene resin that protects it from rot, water damage and harsh sun conditions.

Outdoor Wicker Garbage CansOutdoor Wicker Garbage Cans

Main Features:

• Use 30 – 39-gallon waste bags
• Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use
• All weather resistant
• Easy to clean
• Attractive design


3. Crosley Furniture Palm Harbor Outdoor Wicker Trash Bin – Brown

The Crosley Furniture Palm Harbor Trash Can make disposing of everyday trash a breeze. This wicker comes with a latching lid while the steel frame provides extra durability to the housing of the bin. The combination of the steel frame and resin makes the bin stable enough to keep it steady all year round. The interior frame keeps the trash bag in place. You will love the Crosley and it’s UV resistant design.

Outdoor Wicker Garbage CansOutdoor Wicker Garbage Cans

Main Features:

• Durable steel frame
• Removable Lid
• Available in grey, brown and light brown
• Product dimension 16 x 16 x 31.5 inches


4. Suncast BMWC3007 Resin Wicker Trash Hideaway, 30 gallons, Java

Suncast is a top manufacturer of quality products and the Suncast 30 Gal. Resin Wicker Trash Can is one of those designs that you can count on. The 30 Gallon BMWC3007 is a stylish and durable home waste management solution. It’s manufactured from blow molded resin. This wicker can withstands both indoor and outdoor use.

The innovative removable lid with integrated handle can easily be removed with one hand. This outdoor trash receptacle utilizes standard 30 Gal. capacity trash bags. With a stay dry design, you do not have to worry about the waste bin filling with water when left outside in the rain. The Sun cast 30 Gal. Resin Wicker Trash can looks great and will compliment both your home and patio.

Outdoor Wicker Garbage Cans
Outdoor Wicker Garbage Cans

Main Features:

• Stay dry design
• Removable lid
• Utilizes 30-gallon trash bags
• Manufactured from blow molded resin
• Great for both home and patio


5. Bradenton Trash Can

The Bradenton Trash Can bring sophistication and style to your patio. Constructed from a durable steel frame, PE board, and PE wicker. Just like the above mentioned Outside Wicker Garbage Cans, the Bradenton comes with a removable lid to make disposing of trash easier. The interior frame keeps the trash bags in place and out of sight.

The bin is supported with 4 feet pedestals to protect the bottom from surface scratches. The bin weights 29 pounds and has an average dimension of 30 x 18 x 10 inches making it great for high traffic areas. The UV resistant materials make the Bradenton great for the outdoors even though the trash receptacle can be used for the indoors.

Outdoor Wicker Garbage CansOutdoor Wicker Garbage Cans

Main Features:

• UV resistant outdoor/indoor wicker
• Produced with PE board and PE resin
• Removable Lid
• Interior steel frame keeps trash bags in place
• Great for patio and indoor use


6. Suncast 30 Gallon Resin Wicker Decorative Outdoor Trash Hideaway, Java (2 Pack)

This dual pack Outdoor Wicker Garbage Cans is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use so you don’t have to use just one for both home and garden. The Suncast 30 Gallon Resin Wicker compliment many furniture sets. Both come with integrated handles and secure lids for snooping pets from entering the bin. Both bins can carry a maximum of 33 gallons of trash at any given time, making your trips to the outside garbage can fewer.

Outdoor Wicker Garbage CansOutdoor Wicker Garbage Cans

Main Features:

• Stay-dry, blow mold design
• 2 Pack Suncast 30 gallon outdoor trash hideaway
• Both for indoor or outdoor use
• Keep a maximum of 33 gallons of waste
• Safe time on making fewer trips to the outside waste bin
• Great looking design
• Both come with integrated handles and secure lids



If you want something modern, durable and with low maintenance, go with synthetic resin wicker furniture. Looking for a beautiful trash receptacle that will make your workload easy, then go with one of these above mentioned Outdoor Wicker Garbage Cans. Suncast makes beautiful, long-lasting and affordable furniture while Keter Trash Hideaway showcase craftsmanship with it’s attractive metal hinges and handles.

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