Top 7: Best Compost Roller 2018 Reviews

Are you in searching for the Best Compost Roller? We’ve done all the heavy lifting and went in search of the Best Compost Rollers on the market. We’ve also compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions of those people on the hunt for the perfect compost tumblers. So without further due let’s dive right in.

How Long Does It Take for Compost to Be Ready?

Depending on various circumstances example: weather conditions, the number of materials that need to compost, how often you turn the compost roller, the type of composter you are using and what sort of insects you use to help with the decomposing process.

The easiest and fastest way that most people use is the hot turn composting. This method usually takes around 20 days to complete but it’s also labor intensive. The compost pile must measure roughly 3’x3’ and should have the proper portions of carbon to nitrogen. The pile should be rotated every day for a week and then every day for the next 12 days.

What Do You Use Compost For?

Compost offers numerous benefits to your garden soil. Compost adds nutrients to your soil that your plants needs for a healthy growth. A well structured compost pile improves soil type’s especially sandy and heavy clay soils.

Compost tea is an old fashion way of providing liquid fertilizer for plants. Compost tea is a great way to encourage the growth of transplants and young seedlings. The best and most effective way to ensure not to drown young seedlings is to spray the compost tea in and around the plants.

How Often Do I Need To Turn My Compost Pile?

Like discussed before, depending on your circumstances, available time and how desperately you need the compost for your bedding the fastest and most used method is the:
Hot turn composting: After leaving the compost pile for a couple of days you need to turn the compost pile every day for a week and then every other day for the next 12 days.

Do a Compost Roller Really Work?

To answer this question we must first look at some different aspects that may lead to some misunderstanding between a compost pile laying on the ground and a compost roller. First of all compost piles will take longer to decompose because the microbes do not get enough air. Secondly using a compost roller is not so labor intensive and turning a compost roller sounds nice.

Some people may suggest using the old method but what happens when you have a bad back or are not as young as you’ve used to be. So why not investing in a compost roller, this will speed up the composting process; minimal labor is required and looks beautiful in the garden.


• Tumblers produces less odor
• It also looks better and keeps all the compost in one place
• Lesser rodents will try to get into the bin
• Speeds up the decomposing process
• You will be more likely to turn a compost tumbler than a big pile of compost laying on the ground


• More expensive
• Moisture control inside the tumbler is more difficult
• Limited in size. You won’t be able to fit 80 gallons of compost material inside a 50-gallon compost roller.

Best Compost Rollers for Composting

1. Yimby Tumbler Composter, Color Black

A well-balanced compost pile is not complete with a good roller composter like the Yimby Tumbler Composter. This composting roller drum makes it easy for beginners to start the composting process immediately. The durable construction, made from BPA free UV inhibited recycled polypropylene won’t fade or degrade under direct sunlight. This tumbling composter comes with two large openings and one sliding door to add clippings and remove finished compost. The bottom of the rolling drum has galvanized steel frame legs that won’t rust, buckle or bend under different weather conditions or heavy loads.

The Yimby also features adjustable air vents as well as deep fins inside the chambers to break down bigger pieces of composting materials when rolling. This tumbling composter allows for greater aeration than the standard models. The Yimby Compost Roller is affordable, easy to maintain and speed up the composting process.

BeST Compost Roller 2018 ReviewCompost Roller

Main Features:

• Two compartment composter
• Removable sliding lid
• Manufactured from recycled polypropylene
• Galvanized steel frame legs
• Excellent aeration


2. The Most Beautiful Composter in the World

The most beautiful composter in the world, yes you’ve read that line right. This is certainly a gorgeous looking composter we could find while searching for the best Compost Roller that would suit your budget and circumstances. This bin comes in two different sizes, 17 and 35 gallons. You can proudly showcase this black tumbling composter on your porch or balcony while it’s working in the background. Besides the beautiful design, the bin also offers a base bin to collect fertilizing excess liquid if you choose to do so.

This rotating compost bin is made from BPA which is food safe and won’t rust in extreme weather conditions. Some of us would speculate that the most beautiful composter in the world is a bit overpriced but we think with all the benefits that came along with this composter you will the price tag as not a big deal on this rotating compost bin.

Compost Roller
Compost Roller

Main Features:

• Pioneered by Envirocycle
• Innovative design
• User-friendly
• Compact design
• Manufactured from rust-free materials
• Base collects excess liquids


3. Suncast TCB6800 6.5 Cubic Foot Tumbling Composter

Suncast is one of the biggest manufactures of wicker furniture and has recently released the Suncast TCB6800 Foot Tumbling Composter. This composter has received numerous reviews, good and bad, but it is an awesome product especially if you are on a tight budget. The foot tumbling composter produce compost in 3 – 4 weeks depending on the right quantity of organic materials and how often you are rotating the bin.

The bin includes a latching lid to and a galvanized steel frame. The rotating tumbler is made from a durable resin construction that can withstand harsh weather conditions. If you already own a Suncast product, then you will love the Suncast 6.5 Cubic Tumbling Composter.

Compost RollerCompost Roller

Main Features:

• Latching lid and galvanized steel frame
• Manufactured from durable resin components
• Faster composting process
• Affordable and easy to use


4. Miracle Gro Dual Chamber Compost Tumbler

Are you looking for a compost roller that is pleasing to your environment and comes with dual chambers to make workflow more efficient, than the Miracle Gro Dual Chamber is a compost tumbler that you want to try for yourself? This compost roller is great for outdoor composting while you focus on the more important things in life. With the perfect combination of composting material and continuous rotating, you can expect a good mixture of compost within 4 – 6 weeks with the Miracle Dual Chamber Compost Tumbler.

The dual compartment chamber gives you the ability for composting on one chamber while preparing the second chamber with organic materials. The Miracle Gro is a trusted brand and you will even receive a free pair of latex gloves with your purchase of the Miracle Gro Dual Chamber Compost Tumbler.

Compost RollerCompost Roller

Main Features:

• Galvanized steel frame
• Dual compartments
• Great aeration
• Excellent build quality


5. Exaco Trading Company Exaco Mr.Spin Compost Tumbler

Dual chamber compost bins is a great investment especially when you have a large amount of composting materials to compost. With the Exaco Trading Compost Tumbler you have the ability to use one chamber for storage until the second chamber is finished composting. This dual chamber composting tumbler can store up to 43 gallons of compost materials. This bin is made in China and comes with a green access door to dispose of composting materials or accessing the finished compost for your beddings.

The build quality is excellent and the composting barrel stands firmly on the galvanized steel legs. These galvanized steel legs won’t bend, buckle or rust in weather conditions. The Exaco Compost Tumbler is great for people which has small yards and don’t want to mix organic materials in the traditional way.

Compost Roller
Compost Roller

Main Features:

• Maximum capacity of 160L / 43 Gallons
• Lid openings on both chambers
• Galvanized steel frame legs
• Easy to operate
• Perfect for small yards


6. Dual Body Tumbling Composter by HOTFROG

The HotFrog Dual Body Tumbling Composter is a hybrid of HotFrog’s two most popular compost rollers. The dual chambers allow the first side to finish while the second compartment is available to add fresh organic materials. This process helps with the uninterrupted flow of rich, healthy compost. Both chambers spin independently from each other making the HotFrog Compost Roller a great investment for organic materials. This compost roller is constructed from BPA free, UV inhibited, recycled polyethylene producing a contact safe plastic which won’t degrade under harsh sunlight.

Like most compost models the HotFrog comes with an excellent aeration as well as deep fins to break up bigger pieces of clippings into smaller sizes. The large openings and removable doors make it easy for you to add clippings/scraps or remove finished compost. The durable construction compost roller is lifted from the ground with a galvanized steel frame that is corrosion resistant and will look wonderful for years.

Compost RollerCompost Roller

Main Features:

• Durable construction that will last for years
• Corrosion free galvanized steel frame
• Both chambers spin independently
• Large removable lids
• Excellent aeration
• Total volume of both chambers is approximately 37 gallons


7. Mantis Back Porch ComposTumbler

Are you in the market for a compost roller that you can easily push to any location in your backyard? The Mantis Back Porch Compost Tumbler has a unique feature. This tumbling composter comes with a pair of durable wheels. The Mantis Compost Tumbler is great for smaller spaces and holds up to 37 gallons of material. The interior fins help mix compost while turning, producing a rich loamy compost within 6 weeks.

Compost RollerCompost Roller

Main Features:

• Mobile composter
• Interior fins helps to mix while turning
• Heavy-duty, BPA free, food-grade polyethylene construction
• Two-year warranty on all parts


Choosing the Best Compost Roller needs some research so when it comes to buying that rotating compost bin you should be 100% confident in your decision. To make your workload easier you can not overlook these Outdoor Garbage Cans with Locking Lid and Wheels to transport the organic materials from one place to another.

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