Top 7: Best Office Recycling Containers 2018 Reviews

Stylish Office Recycling Containers helps streamline your workloads like recycling and waste separation. Keeping your office neat and tidy with an office trash can shows potential customers that you are on top of your game. Office recycling containers come in different colors, sizes, materials and most importantly the price tag.

A great office recycling waste bin is the one that you might consider storing enough waste so that you don’t continuously have to dispose of the waste in a larger trash can. This will obviously save you time so you can get your work done quicker. Recycling containers can be used in, the office area, places where high foot traffic occur and some customers even use it in their kitchen environment.

With hundreds of office recycling waste bins on the market we’ve come up with a list of 7 Best Office Recycling Containers that might save you time and resources. We’ve also included a variety of recycling bins so that might suit your style, color, versatility or price tag.


1. Rubbermaid Commercial Slim Jim Recycling Container with Venting Channels, Plastic, 23 Gallons, Blue (FG354007BLUE)

Amazon’s choice of recycling bin is the Rubbermaid Commercial Slim Jim with Venting Channels. This economically designed recycling bin is crafted with the best commercial-grade materials for superior strength. This bin is available in 3 different colors, black, beige and blue with a recycling sticker in front of the bin.

Robust handles make lifting the bin an easy task while the venting channels make removing liners up to 60% easier. This feature reduces the risk of worker injury and at the same time improving productivity. You will love the knot free liner changes which are made possible through the four bag cinches that secure the liners around the rim of the receptacle. The recycling bin is able to keep up to 23 gallons of waste before disposing of the waste in the outside trash can.

Best Office Recycling Containers Review 2018Office Recycling Containers

Main Features:

• Venting channels makes removing liners easier
• Robust handles for effortless lifting
• 4 Bag cinches to secure liners
• 23 –Gallon capacity


2. Rubbermaid Swing N’ Toss Swing-Top Wastebasket Recycle Bin, 12.5-Gallon, Cashmere, FG2692RECSHM

The Rubbermaid Swing Top Wastebin is gorgeous office recycling bin and comes at a reasonable price tag. The bin carries a total capacity of 12.5 gallons of waste, which makes it small enough to fit under your desk or kitchen sink. The Swing-Top Rubbermaid recycling bin comes prepared with a recycling logo on the front of the bin. The swing top automatically closes when you dispose of waste. This is an inexpensive recycle bin that will fit any office environment.

Main Features:

• An affordable recycle bin
• Holds up to 12.5 gallons of waste
• Swing-top closes automatically
• Fits any kitchen or office decor

Office Recycling ContainersOffice Recycling Containers

3. Genuine Joe GJO57258 Recycling Rectangular Container, 28-Gallon Capacity, 22-1/2″ Width x 30″ Height x 11″ Depth, Blue

Are your existing office trash can to small to keep all your waste? Then the Genuine Joe Recycling Rectangular Container might be the perfect solution for your waste problems. This elegant blue commercial grade construction wastebin holds up to 28 gallons of waste.

The rectangular design makes it perfect to fit against office walls. These office recycling containers come with integrated handles making it easy to carry around. The Genuine Joe Rectangular Container is easy to clean and can be used with a standard 30-gallon trash can liner.

Office Recycling ContainersOffice Recycling Containers

Main Features:

• Rectangular shape
• Durable and easy to clean
• Holds up to 28 – gallons of trash
• Integrated handles


4. Rubbermaid 354007GN Commercial Slim Jim Recycling Container with Venting Channels, Plastic, 23 Gallons, Green

Since 1986 Rubbermaid has proven to be a Pioneer in manufacturing innovative, solution based products. One of those products is the Green Rubbermaid Commercial Slim Jim which holds up to 23 gallons of waste at any given time. Slim Jim trash cans are manufactured with 4 venting channels to create airflow within the bin, reducing the pull force whenever you need to dispose of full waste trash liners. This minimizes the risk of injury and improves worker productivity.

One feature most office recycling containers fail in is improving the grip structure of their bins, but the Rubbermaid has improved their designs on the Slim Jim range. This commercial recycling container comes both with top handles and contoured base handles to make it easier for staff to lift the containers on a Universal Slim Waste Container Dolly.

Office Recycling ContainersOffice Recycling Containers

Main Features:

• Venting channels for improving worker productivity and risk of worker injury
• Robust top handles
• Integrated contour bottom handles
• Integrated cinches for a knot free liner change
• Seamless construction for easy cleaning


5. United Solutions EcoSense WB0069 Blue Plastic 41 Quart Recycling Indoor Wastebasket-10.25 Gallon EcoSense Blue Recycling Trash/Refuse Can in Blue

Are you looking for a small recycling bin that you place under the sink or your office desk without taking up too much space? Then the United Solution 10.25 Gallon Ecosense could be what you are looking for. The United Solutions 10.25 Gallon Ecosense Recycling Trash Can is manufactured from durable plastic for longevity and it’s easy to clean. There are even 5 different colors to choose from, white, taupe, gray, black and blue which comes with a pre-printed recycling logo on the front.

Office Recycling ContainersOffice Recycling Containers

Main Features:

• Manufactured from durable plastic
• 10.25 Gallon capacity
• Comes with pre-printed logo
• Easy to clean
• Fits under office desks or in kitchen cabinets


6. Safco 9928BB Desk-Side Recycling Receptacle, 7gal, Black and Blue

Why settle for one when you can get a dual 7-gallon waste receptacle at a reasonable price. These office recycling containers can be used individually or together. A latch provides the bins the possibility to use these waste units as one. The total capacity of the Desk-Side Recycling Receptacle is 17 gallons, 7 gallons for each bin. One black and one blue bin to use for recycling while the other for waste.

Office Recycling ContainersOffice Recycling Containers

Main Features:

• 14 Gallon capacity – 7 gallons on each side
• Dual-sided office recycling containers
• Latch together as one
• Easy to clean
• Perfect for small office environments


7. Separate Recycling Waste Bin Bags for Kitchen Office in Home – Recycle Garbage Trash Sorting Bins Organizer Waterproof Baskets Compartment Container Big Size 4 Bags Set

These large storage containers are great for plastic, cans, glass, and paper. Made from 100% polypropylene making these organizers waterproof and eco-friendly. For practical use, these recycling organizers can be used separately or as one. Each bin comes with its one handles and double-sided velcro to easily grip these recycling trash bags together. You can use it in your office or places where high foot traffic occurs.

Office Recycling ContainersOffice Recycling Containers

Main Features:

• 4 100% polypropylene bin organizers
• Waterproof design
• Each bin has it’s one handles
• Grip together with double sided velcro
• Easy to clean



If you have the cash to splash we recommend the 23 Gallons Blue Rubbermaid Slim Jim. This bin comes with handy features to improve productivity, it’s durable and easily transportable with the Universal Slim Waste Container Dolly making this our choice of Best Office Recycling Containers.

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