Top 8: Best 3 Compartment Trash Cans Review in 2018

My wife and I have become more eco-friendly and we are teaching our children the same. Not only is recycling good for mother earth but it also creates jobs. Companies have made recycling so much easier that we don’t even have to go out of our way to recycle plastics, cans, metals, and waste. One specific product that that has recently entered the market is the 3 Compartment Trash Cans from various manufacturers. The trash cans help us to easily separate recyclable materials from waste without even do the heavy work, but before we go into the reviews of these Top 8: Best 3 Compartment Trash Cans for 2018 let’s have a look at the top 5 ways how recycling benefits the environment.


• Prevent Pollution: Recycling items make our landfills and water supply much safer to enjoy.
Creates Jobs: Many recycling companies employ hundreds of employees to help with the recycling process within their companies. The more we recycle the more people will get employed.
Recycling Saves Energy: Statistics show that if we could recycle 30% of our trash each year we can save up to 11.9 billion gallons of gasoline each year.
Recycling Saves Money: If you look at it this way, if our water and land are cleaner this will automatically reduce health care issue which will save you from hospital fees.
Recycling Reduces Incineration: When we recycle, new products are made from these recyclable items reducing the amount of rubbish we sent to the incineration.

3 Compartment trash cans might be bulky and takes lots of space, especially on the kitchen floor so the alternative might to be invest in one of these Pull Out Trash Cans we’ve review for your benefit.

Benefits of These Best 3 Compartment Trash Cans

Organize It All Stainless Steel Step-On 12-Gallon Recycle Bin The Step N' Sort 16-Gal. 3-Compartment Stainless Steel Trash and Recycling Bin Light Weight RecycleBoxBinBlue Stackable Recycling Bin Container
12-Gallon capacity
Side-by-side triple compartment
Include foot pedals
Independent lids
Bucket handles
Heavy-duty steel frame
Fits 8 or 10 gallon trash bags
Hand-free step pedals
Hold 5.33 gallons
Three Inner compartments
Great for schools & offices
5MM White Corrugated Plastic Bins
Easy to remove heavy bags
Ships with 6 common pre-printed labels
Popular with schools and offices
Perfect for collecting recyclables
Foldable handles
Easy to carry when full
Easy to clean


• These waste recycling bins provide a means for the user to recycle both waste and recyclable items in one spot.
• Even though these bins look a bit big in the kitchen it will save you valuable time taking trips to the outside rubbish bins.
• They look beautiful on the kitchen floor
• They last longer than ordinary plastic bins
• Some of these recycling bins seals odor in
• A variety of these 3 compartment trash cans are Touchless or step-on bins

Find out more reasons for the benefit of recycling at

If you are thinking of starting your recycling tradition then Waste Disposal Mag is the best place to start your online experience by reading our Guides and Reviews on the Best Waste Disposal Products. Whether it’s for indoor or outdoor use we’ve got it covered. These are the reviews of the Top 8: Best 3 Compartment Trash Cans to help jump start your recycling tradition.

1. Organize It All Stainless Steel Step-On 12-Gallon Recycle Bin

The Organize It All Step-On 12 Gallon Recycle Bin is the perfect recycle bin for you to recycle all your recyclable items in one place without the need to juggle multiple trash cans for recycling. Organize It has made it the process simple by combining 3 compartments into one trash can. This 12 Gallon recycle bin is constructed from stainless steel and comes with plastic liners for extra durability and longevity.

This is a step-on recycle bin with each compartment having its own step pedal. These pedals are also color-coded for easy visibility for you to distinguish what sort of materials go into which compartment. Each removable container has its own handle for easy handling when you need to remove trash from the compartments. The bin is easy to clean and just needs a few wipes while the stainless steel design goes with any kitchen design.

3 Compartment Trash Cans 3 Compartment Trash Cans

• Multi-compartment trash can
• Step-on trash can with removable liners
• Stainless steel design
• Easy to clean

2. The Step N’ Sort 16-Gal. 3-Compartment Stainless Steel Trash and Recycling Bin

The Step N’ Sort is designed to handle all your waste and recyclable items with the 16 Gallon stainless steel trash can. The bin is manufactured with heavy duty stainless steel frame for longevity and stability. You can sort recyclables, waste, and organics with the 3 compartments stainless steel trash can. The bin provides 3 removable buckets which can hold up to 5.333 gallons each.

This hands-free step trash can is perfect for your kitchen or office and is able to use 8 – 10-gallon trash bag. Each liner is also provided with a carrying handle so that the waste doesn’t land on the floor but rather in an outside trash can. The Step N’ Sort 16 Gallon 3 compartment trash and recycling bin has received numerous reviews and is one of Amazon’s Choices of Best 3 Compartment Trash Cans.

3 Compartment Trash Cans
3 Compartment Trash Cans


• Stainless steel frame
• Removable inner buckets
• Step-on 3 compartment trash can
• Hold up to 16 gallons of waste

3. RecycleBoxBin Plastic Light Weight Large Triple Recycling Bin 25 Gallon Each with Changeable Label System, Holds up to 33-39 Gallon Bags

Another favorite in our Top 8: Best 3 Compartment Trash Can in 2018 is the RecycleBoxBin which will keep up to 39 Gallons of waste and recyclable items at a given time. The bin is lightweight and made of durable plastic. You don’t need to be a recycling specialist to use the RecycleBoxBin. The bins itself are designed to be used everywhere like schools, public places and even in your kitchen. These bins are designed with no bottom so it will be easier for you to dispose the waste from the container without lifting heavy bags. The bins are shipped with 6 common pre-printed labels.

3 Compartment Trash Cans 3 Compartment Trash Cans

• Recommended for offices or schools but can also be used in the kitchen
• Designed to easily remove bags
• Use common 36-gallon trash bags
• Ships with 6 common pre-printed labels

4. Recycle bin Separate Bag Wastebaskets Trash Can Compartment with Cover and Inner Frame

These washable recycling wastebaskets are perfect to dispose of plastic, bottles, and cans in their respective containers. These bins consist of an inner frame that holds the bins steady. With the waterproof coating, you can be sure that the bins are leak free while the lid ensures that the design has a neat clean look and stop odor from escaping through the top opening. These bins weight about 2.4 pounds making it lightweight to carry around. They are easy to put together and is great for recycling.

3 Compartment Trash Cans 3 Compartment Trash Cans

• Lightweight and durable
• Closing lid ensures the odor stays inside
• The inner frame keeps the bags upright

5. Recycle Bag Separate Recycle Bin Waterproof Waste Baskets Compartment Container

Are you looking for a recycling wastebasket that you can separate from each other? Then this waterproof wastebasket with 3 recycling containers is a great option for waste recycling. The compartments can be separated from each other and can also act as one unit by connecting each other by using the velcro fasteners. The bins are waterproof and therefore it is also washable. The handles make it easy to carry so you don’t need to worry about waste landing on the floor. These containers don’t come with a lid so you need to prepared for odor escaping the containers.

3 Compartment Trash Cans 3 Compartment Trash Cans

• Separate it conveniently
• Connecting it to one unit using the velcro fasteners
• Convenient carry handles
• Cheap 3 compartment trash wastebaskets

6. LivenseHome Recycle Bin, Laundry Hamper Drawstring Waterproof Compartment Container Pack of 3 Pink, Grey, Mint (Garbage Basket)

3 Compartment Trash Cans 3 Compartment Trash Cans

• Colorful 3 compartment wastebaskets
• Lightweight and washable
• Foldable with carrying handles
• Inexpensive

7. Blue Stackable Recycling Bin Container with Handle 6 Gallon – 3 Pack of Bins

Create a recycling tower with the Blue Stackable Recycling Bin Container. These bins stack upon one another to recreate the perfect recycling procedure. These 3 pack of bins can handle 6 gallons of recyclable materials in one place. This is the perfect design for schools, kitchens, offices and can even be stored under the sink for easy access whenever you are busy doing kitchen choirs. The bins come each with their own handles to make carrying easier. The Blue Stackable Recycling Bin Containers is affordable, long lasting and easy to maintain.

3 Compartment Trash Cans 3 Compartment Trash Cans

• Space saving design
• Handles up to 6 gallons of waste
• Perfect for schools, offices, and kitchen
• Easy to clean

8. Coston Pull Out Waste Bin 3 Component Trash Container with Slides, 42 Qt.

The Coston has a slightly different design then all of the above reviewed 3 Compartment Trash Cans. These trash containers have an impeccable design, manufactured from ABS Shell and PP components. The design features one bigger container at the front while the 2 smaller ones sit at the back of the main container. The lid slides overall 3 containers to help keeps nasty smells inside each container. Each bin comes with his own carry handle to make it easy to dispose trash into the outside commercial trash bin.

3 Compartment Trash Cans 3 Compartment Trash Cans

• Special design with overall dimension of 19″L x 13.5″W x 16″H
• Manufactured from ABS and PP
• One lid to avoid pleasant smells hanging in the kitchen air
• Each bin comes with its own carry handle

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Like we’ve pointed out before in the beginning of this Top 8: Best 3 Compartment Trash Cans in 2018, recycling has many positive contributions like saving you money, it creates jobs, saves energy and it reduces incineration. But before we can start recycling we need the right equipment which includes quality trash cans or garbage disposal units and of course a positive attitude.

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