Top 8: Best Above Ground Pet Waste Disposal Systems 2018 Review

Dog waste can be your worst nightmare especially when you accidentally step into it. It can even become worst bringing the poop back into your home without knowing. The solution to your pet waste problem has just become easier. Yes, we are talking about the Best Above Ground Pet Waste Disposal Systems.

These pet waste disposal systems can be placed strategically for a fast pet waste scoop. Unlike the in-ground pet waste disposal systems which need to dig a hole in the ground, these Above Ground Pet Waste Disposal Systems is minimal to none labor intensive. I know you already love the sound of that statement.


The Importance of Cleaning up Pet Waste as Fast as Possible

Should pet waste not be picked then unwanted bacteria and parasites can be transmitted to the human or even your pet. Your pet’s health can be in jeopardy since many unpleasant diseases can be spread through feces.

Small children’s health are more vulnerable then parents and should consistently be watched over especially in the backyard. They tend to have a liking to put everything in their mouth.


How Do I Dispose Of Dog Poop?

• Place the dog poop in a container with lid
• Wash down the lawn with a high-speed sprayer or high-pressure hose pipe
• Digging a hole to dispose of pet waste
• Invest in an in-ground pet waste disposal system
• Invest in an above ground pet waste disposal system


Choosing the Best Above Ground Pet Waste Disposal Systems

With hundreds of pet waste disposal systems available on the market, you are sure to get confused about investing in the best possible system. We are here to provide you with the best possible options to safely and effortlessly dispose of pet waste for your given situation. These pet waste containment systems is a much have for pet lovers.


1. Petmate Clean Response Waste Management System, Red/Dark grey

If you are reading this then you are definitely searching for the best pet waste management system that will make your workload easier. The Petmate Clean Response Waste Management System is designed to do just that, make picking up pet waste easier. The Petmate is designed with a big swivel bin at the bottom of the pole making this special job easier and effective.

The rake is designed for optimal pickup of waste on most surfaces and works best on grass. The long 3 feet handle prevent back and knee fatigue. You can even use ordinary plastic bags with the Petmate when scooping up dog poop, saving you the extra expense of purchasing expensive trash bags. The unit also snaps together as one for compact storage. The Petmate is affordable, easy to use, one of the top sellers of the Best Above Ground Pet Waste Disposal Systems and is a great benefit for your health issues.

Best Above Ground Pet Waste Disposal Systems 2018 ReviewAbove Ground Pet Waste Disposal Systems

Main Features:

• Soft comfort grip
• Can be used with ordinary plastic bags
• Handle extends to 3 feet to eliminate back and leg fatigue
• Snaps together for compact storage


2. Litter Champ Premium Odor-Free Cat Litter and Pet Waste Disposal System, Taupe

Litter Champ brings you a revolutionary Pet Waste Disposal System. The elegant ABS resin design will fit any home decor or kitchen design perfectly. This newly designed pet waste disposal system with continuous bagging system carries a 4 gallon capacity of waste so you don’t need to continuously make trips to the rubbish bin. T

he Litter Champ has an integrated foot pedal making the disposal unit touch-free so there is no unnecessary cross termination of germs. In addition, the Little Champ is triple sealed to completely locking odors in and keeping pets and kids from snooping through the waste. The receptacle includes a free bag liner and comes with a 5-year warranty.

Above Ground Pet Waste Disposal Systems
Above Ground Pet Waste Disposal Systems


Main Features:

• Triple seal locking lid
• 4 Gallon capacity
• Elegant ABS resin design
• Includes a free bag liner
• Includes a 5-year warranty


3. Pet Waste Bag Dispenser, Aluminum, with 400 Dog Waste Bags Free! PNP-600 ( PWC-015 )

The Pet Waste Bag Dispenser is perfect for parks or places with heavy foot traffic where dogs are allowed to have their moments. The dispenser can be mounted on a pole where it is out of reach for small kids and infants. It’s made from 100% aluminum so it won’t crack, fade or rust in weather conditions.

The dispenser allows you to easily tear off a bag with one hand while holding your pet with the other. The Pinch ‘N Pull bag system allows you to gently tear off one bag at a time eliminating the possibility of wasted bags like the traditional roll bag dispensers. The Pet Waste Bag Dispenser is easy to install and includes everything to get started including 400 free dog waste bags.

Above Ground Pet Waste Disposal SystemsAbove Ground Pet Waste Disposal Systems
Main Features:

• Pull and Pinch bag system
• Manufactured from 100% aluminum
• Easy to install
• Can be mounted on a pole
• Includes 400 free dog waste bags


4. Litter Genie Plus Cat Litter Disposal System with Odor Free Pail System

The Litter Genie Plus is the cat waste disposal system that you’ve been waiting for and will blow your mind especially when you continuously need to pick up cat litter around the house. This small pet waste receptacle can be placed under the sink, in the bathroom or even the basements.

The litter bin holds up to 2 weeks of litter of 1 kitten saving you that extra trips disposing of the waste in the outside trash can. You never have to worry about awful smells escaping the Litter Genie Plus Disposal System because not only has there been antibacterial inhabitants added but the seven-layer refill bags ad an extra layer of protection. The bin is easy to use, locks litter and odor in 3 simple steps.

Above Ground Pet Waste Disposal SystemsAbove Ground Pet Waste Disposal Systems
Main Features:

• Hassle free litter disposal system
• Fits easily anywhere
• Locks foul odor in
• Saves up to 2 weeks of litter from 1 kitten


5. Neater Scooper and 180 Count Refill Bag Bulk Pack Value Bundle – Cat Litter Sifter Scoop System with Extra Waste Bags by Neater Pet Brands


Keeping your cat’s litter box has become easier with the Neater Scooper Cat Litter Scooping System. The scooper is designed to easily scoop up cat litter without having to take out the whole box. Now you might be thinking what’s so great about this little tool. For one the scooper has an automatic trap door that opens and closes when you deposit the waste. Just sift, lift and toss the waste bag and you are done. Included in the Neater Scooper is 150 count scooper refill bulk pack to immediately start scooping.

Above Ground Pet Waste Disposal SystemsAbove Ground Pet Waste Disposal Systems
Main Features:

• Waste bin doubles as a caddy
• Included is the Neater Scooper and 180 count scooper refill bags bulk pack
• Manufactured in the USA
• Safe and easy to use


6. Litter Locker Refill for Litter Locker 1 or Litter Locker Plus

Are you continuously struggling to keep your home neat and fresh while having to battle with cat litter? There is a simple solution to your problem, the Litter Locker Refill for Locker 1 or Litter Locker Plus. This bagging system seals odor in keeping your home environment odorless. This is a 5 layer odor barrier bag that hold’s up to 2 weeks of soiled litter, while one refill last up to two months per cat. No mess no fuss just cut the refill and tie when full. It’s also important to note that the container is made from 50% of recycled plastic.


Above Ground Pet Waste Disposal SystemsAbove Ground Pet Waste Disposal Systems
Main Features:

• Affordable bagging system
• Bagging system seals odor in
• 5 Layer odor barrier bag
• One refill can hold up to 2 months per cat
• Made from 50% recycled plastic


7. Litter Genie Plus Silver Cat Litter Disposal System and 12-Refills

Keeping your home environment clean and fresh is just a Litter Genie Plus Disposal System away. The Litter Genie Plus reduces trips to the garbage bin while the built-in antimicrobial protection controls those awful odors that might get released in your kitchen or bathroom. The compact design makes the Litter Genie Plus an excellent choice for small spaces like under your kitchen sink while the carry handle makes it perfect for homes with multiple litter box locations. The package includes the litter scoop, holder, and 13 refills.


Above Ground Pet Waste Disposal Systems
Above Ground Pet Waste Disposal Systems


Main Features:

• Compact design to fit small spaces
• Seals odor in
• Built-in antimicrobial protection
• Bundle include: Litter Genie, Scoop plus 13 refills


8. 800 Dog Cat Poop Bags Pet Waste Litter Bags

At number 8 on and last on our list of the Best Above Ground, Pet Waste Disposal Systems is none other than the Dog and Cat Poop Bags for pet waste litter. Rest assured that you will never run out of litter bags if decided to invest in the Dog and Cat Pet Waste Litter Bags.

With this purchase, you will receive an amount of 800 bags to quickly and safely dispose of pet waste. These bags are leak proof, has an easy tear and pull function and works specifically with the dog and cat designed dispenser. These unscented bags measures 9’’ x 12’’ inches in diameter.

Above Ground Pet Waste Disposal SystemsAbove Ground Pet Waste Disposal Systems

Main Features:

• Includes a dog & cat dispenser
• 800 Bags for pet waste
• Leak-proof
• Environmentally friendly
• Bags will also fit most dispensers on the market



I am a proud owner of a cat and a dog and I know how time-consuming cleaning after my pets can be that is why I have invested in a couple of these Above Ground Pet Waste Disposal Systems I’ve reviewed above. My pets are part of my family and they also have their daily tasks to perform, my dog keeps unwanted guests out while my cat makes sure the house is clean from mice and other dangerous animals. So it’s my duty to keep their private spaces clean and sanitized from pet waste. Just like these above mentioned Pet Waste Disposal Sytems I highly recommend an In-ground Pet Waste Disposal System for the backyard, making your daily tasks much more convenient.

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