Waste King Legend Series l-2600 1/2 HP Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal Review 2018

Your kitchen is never complete without a Waste King Legend Series L-2600 Garbage Disposal. For many years people considered a disposal unit an unnessarry asset but in the last 10 years we’ve become more knowledgeable about garbage disposals. Whether it is about hygiene, kitchen maintenance, or about keeping the drains unclogged, the garbage disposals offer impressive service.


Many companies are producing and selling different types’  of garbage disposal units. The buyers get confused between the continuous feed models and batch feed models. Selecting a reliable brand also becomes very daunting. It can be easier if you check the reviews. Waste King has always remained one of the most reliable garbage disposal manufacturers. The L-2600 from Waste King Legend has received a huge response from the buyers. Let’s check how effective it actually is to decide whether you should buy it or not.


Waste King Legend Series L-2600 1/2 HP Features:

Waste King Legend Series L-2600Waste King Legend Series L-2600

Waste King is a famous domestic and commercial food waste disposer producing brand. This brand not only supplies its garbage disposals in the USA, but also in many other countries. Some experts also consider Waste King as the market leader, when it comes to making garbage disposals more effective, powerful, and innovative. The L-2600 is a great example of what Waste King cares about. This particular garbage disposal is affordable, effective, and very innovative. It is a continuous feed garbage disposal that is perfect for domestic use.


The compact size, innovative design, and durable construction turn L-2600 into the best domestic garbage disposal. People also praise this device for operating very quietly and grinding some of the toughest food wastes within a few seconds. It has a ½ HP motor that produces the maximum speed of 2600 rotations per minute. Your kitchen will remain clean, no garbage will smell and finely ground waste will easily get removed through kitchen drains. That’s why the Waste King L-2600 is the first choice of numerous buyers across the globe.


Noticeable features:

Many features make L-2600 an ideal garbage disposal unit for the domestic use. Those features are explained here.

  • High-speed for a better performance:

The L-2600 is equipped with ½ HP motor that runs at the speed of 2600 RPM. Though it is a ½ HP motor, it produces enough power to match the performance of other brands’ 1HP garbage disposals. The power of the motor matters mainly because if you are getting 2600 rotations per minute, the whole garbage will grind very quickly and efficiently. It does not matter that you have a large size septic tank below your home or mains based sewage system. The L-2600 can liquefy the whole kitchen waste so that you can get rid of that waste quickly.


  • Efficient enough to crush and dispose bones:

If you like to eat non-vegetarian dishes like beef, chicken, fishes, and pork, dealing with bones can be a tough task for you. What people do is throw the whole waste in plastic bags that remains in the garbage can for at-least two days. Many users do not throw the bones in garbage disposal because their ½ HP garbage disposal cannot handle the bones. The L-2600 is different and impressive. It can crush and liquefy tough bones of chicken, meat, and fish easily. It is efficient enough to deal with tough wastes like carrot, avocado, and other tough products.


  • Durable internal components:

When it comes to supplying a durable garbage disposal device, Waste King Legend offers the best solution. The L-2600 is equipped with durable grinding blades, built from stainless steel. In addition, the main grinding chamber is built from durable stainless steel. There will be no issue of corrosion and rusting. In case anything causes trouble, you get a five-year in-home maintenance warranty from the manufacturer. So, you can trust Waste King for offering the best device and support for your garbage disposal needs.


Some noticeable drawbacks:

Though the Waste King Legend L-2600 has a long list of features, it also has some drawbacks that you must know before buying it.

  • It is not an ideal device for your kitchen, if a large amount of food waste is produced every day. Do not even think about it, if you are looking for a garbage disposal that can handle the food waste in your restaurant.
  • It may jam if you place a large amount of waste in the chamber.
  • First time installers may get puzzled while installing the L-2600.
  • Install it tightly to avoid leaks.


Final words:

The Waste King Legend Series L-2600 is a powerful, durable, and affordable garbage disposal device. You get a 36” long power cord with it that you can plug in and turn on this device. It has a few negligible drawbacks, if you want a garbage disposal to handle a small amount of garbage every day. All in all, it seems amazing and a very beneficial device for the domestic use but should you need a more powerful machine you can read our previous review on the Top 10: Best Garbage Disposals including a buyers guide to make the best possible decision.

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